Autoposter TOOL

 What is Facebook Autoposter tool?

Facebook Autoposter advertising tool is web based platform tool for automated placing ads, posts, pictures, news…
(You can use it on your phones, mobiles, tablets,laptops, desktop PCs, Windows, MAC or Linux)

With this Facebook application you have option to add message, link, picture, name, caption and  description. There are options to set the start time, interval between posts, and repeating campaigns till the date you wish, which will make your advertising a lot easier then before.

You can connect to one Autoposter tool as much as you wish Facebook different accounts, and 5000 groups.
The minimal interval between posts is 300 seconds or 5 minutes, suggested are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25…

This is the most used tool for Facebook advertising which brings a lot of new traffic, referrals, sales…

Total Auto Poster is web-based platform which is used for :


  • Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

  • Manage your all facebook pages conversation from one place

  • Manage Your Facebook pages ( with comment , reply ) & groups ( with comment , reply )

  • Facebook Mass group post

  • Facebook Mass comment

  • Facebook Mass message send to you page fans

  • Facebook Scraper

  • Facebook All page report


This tool helps you send messages, news, text and picture ads, or any kind of posts you wish to post fast and in huge number from multiply accounts.
Connect several fb accounts, create several scheduled campaigns, and leave the app to work all for you.
More time, more likes, more hits, more views and more referrals…
It will work for you whether or not you are logged into your account, or even you can completely turn off your computer…


  • Twitter Account Manage ( Sending direct message if available , reply , retweet )

  • View your twitter home , tweets & replies

  • Twitter Send direct message

  • Twitter Send mass message to followers

  • Mass Retweet

  • Twitter Mass Reply

  • Twitter Scraper

This tool is easy to use, you have to write message you wish to post and with just one click you will have access to all tweets.

Tumblr View Home and your activity with reblog enable

Pinterest, Linkedin

View and delete your wordpress post

Notifications Log

User Management system


While you relax, your “partner” works for you. All is so easy…!

You can buy it and get more info HERE 


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