How to advertise on Facebook for FREE

Get more sign ups daily by using FREE facebook advertising

I have got the best results to my program I am working for using free Facebook advertising. Now i am going to explain how I get more than 100 sign ups daily.

If you want to get the same results as I did, you are going to need Facebook account. If you want to use Facebook account for advertising, it must be one month old. Second thing that are needed are Facebook groups related to the business you want to advertise. Around 800 groups will do.

To understand better the process, watch my video HERE.   There are two ways for using this method. Manually or automatically advertising. On the video, there is manually way, automatically way I will explain later. 

How to create an ad for FREE advertising?

The best ad for Face contain text with a picture that are linked to a landing page, to the referral page. On SFI you will find your referral links HERE must be logged into your SFI account ). 

Text ads can be found HERE  and also pictures. But I recommend to write unique text and to create your own pictures that nobody has, using some program for making pictures like photoshop or photoscape. 

You should use your own website for advertising, the easiest are Blogger, WordPress etc…

Ad created like that -manually, will look like this : 

Join me to the best online program ever
and earn money working from home 


Other thing I wanted to mention is, do not use naked affiliate links for advertising like I did above, always use some link shortener, tracker, cloacker…how and why to hide referral links,  read HERE , and for SFI links shortener must be used, or even better create your own website with referral page.

How to join Facebook groups without being blocked from performing this action?

On Facebook search find groups related to the job like “free advertising, online job, online work, work from home, affiliate marketing, MLM, earn online…” , and join to groups that have more then 1000 members in.

You have to join slowly to groups, and to 10 groups daily at the beginning. Later, join to more groups daily, but only if you are active a lot on that Facebook account.

Don’t let Facebook thinks all you do on the account is joining to groups. Play games on it, post youtube videos…etc. This is long process, so be patient, collect more groups, around 800,  and start advertising. ( you can start placing  ads right after you collect some)

Manually advertising 

Let’s suppose you have already one Facebook account and have joined to groups. After admins approve you, start posting your ad. How to advertise manually, see on the first video above.

If you want to have great results, without spamming any group, you will need more Facebook accounts, joined into 800 groups, and posts ads from all those accounts. 

How to open more Facebook accounts without being blocked

We all should be aware that Facebook allows us to have one only and real account per user. So before opening a new account without being blocked, you will need new email address. After having it, clean cookies and history browser you are using. That is to way important to do.

Now start creating a  new account… Facebook will let you in, so you will see steps as the next task. I will advise to skip all steps, but uploading your profile picture. Also confirm your new email address for that new account, so do it.

You have skipped all steps, you are into new fb account, now post some youtube video. DO NOT add any friend on the new account, if do so, Facebook will block you. Also do not start joining to groups right after. As I have explained before, post some youtube videos, play games. That is the way for new account to be activated, and prepared for advertising.

Play games, and post youtube videos… for a month, after that you can start joining to groups, adding some friends and advertise.

It might seem as long process, but it isn’t. One you start creating new accounts, you will have a lot of them, and also great results in your free Facebook advertising.

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