How to install Triple Clicks banner on your website or blog -text

1.  Log in to your SFI account, and open TO DO LIST tab

2.  Scroll down to find the task ”100 For installing Triple Clicks banner on your personal website or blog” , and click on it.

3.  This will lead you to this page


 Now we need website or blog. If you have it great, and if not let’s create one simple and free.

4.  Go to , register and create your site title, free subdomain, and choose template for your site. Of course, don’t forget to         submit.

5.  When your site is created, click on the site name to open dashboard.

6.  Click on new page or post

7.  Write title for your new – first post

8.  Between your post title and your page you will see ”compose” and ”HTML”, you will click on HTML

      Here you will find one HTML code already, so leave it. Simple click enter so you can add under it your code.

9.   Now go back to the page from number 3. on SFI where  you have 3 DIRECTIONS

10. On the first direction you have page where you will choose your banner from, so click on it.

11. From that page copy only HTML code that looks like this for example

<a href=’’><img src=’’ border=’0′></a>

12.Go back to your page on blogger where you have clicked on ”HTML” from the number 8. and paste your HTML

13.Click on ”compose” to see is your banner over there. If you see your banner, you did it right.

14.If you see your banner over there, it is time to click on ”publish”

15.This might bring you back to your dashboard on blogger, but if not, go to your dashboard by yourself

16.Click on ”view blog” to see how does it looks like. You should see simple page with your banner.

17.Copy your URL that should look like this

18.Go back to SFI page with directions from number 3. and paste your URL

19.Click on ”check for banner”

If you did all right you will  get new 100 Versa Points for free.

Watch video HERE


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