How To Start in SFI

After you register in SFI, first question is What To Do Next? What is the next step? 

Well, after you sign up, you have to fill Profile Notifications. Then you have some simple tasks to do. Visit your TO DO list, where you will find tasks that brings points – Versa Points – VP. 

1. Find Getting Started actions. You should finish them all. Like that you are going to earn 745 VP.

getting started

2. Your next step is to go back to HOME page and do Daily Tasks like I did in this video. And this task you must do each day without missing it.

3. After you have finished Daily Tasks, you should also do Weekly Tasks. Since you are going to need your sponsor’s help to send you one member so you can finish this task, the best thing to do is after you do your Getting Started actions and Daily Tasks to contact your sponsor and ask for help.  Do weekly actions each week without missing it.

Nobody can help you here as your sponsor can. He is going to lead you, teach you how to work, send you credits, new members, or even money, because when your sponsor helps you, he will get new great marketer… Don’t hesitate to contact your sponsor sending them email or even finding him or her on Social Networks. They are going to give you the best possible advices on how to continue and how to have the best results, because once they were where you are right now…

If you want to get free TC credits (1TC=1.95$) you should play each hour T-TIME. Other words, you should also play this, each day as much as you can.

If you want to get 10% more of entire commission you have earned, you should become Fast Track member. Or you can simple buy SO pack which you can use on Auctions to get great products for cheap prices, or just to use them for becoming EA(1500) each month. 

This is OPTIONAL of course, only if you want to have better results. You can also work form home without buying this packs, and to have great results. It will go slower, but it will do… 

Whichever way you chose for working, you should know you will succeed if you continue… You must know that these points from TO DO list are gift from our company, and there are around 3000 of them, together with points from daily and weekly tasks, enough of them for two months to be EA, while you learn how to earn them working… 

Contact your sponsor to help you get through all this.

This is your beginning, the things you should do first few days, and what come next is BUILDING YOUR TEAM and teaching them to do the same… Teaching them how to work form home.

You will get new members, new marketers, sellers or buyers through advertising, the best results we can get from Free advertising on Facebook . 

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