As its name implies, these actions you have to do each week. There are three actions to do on this task. Watch the video bellow.



Sending of group support message to

PSA( personally sponsored affiliates)This is groups message that will receive only your PSA, your first generation.

CSA( co sponsored affiliates ) – This group message will receive only your co sponsored affiliates.

Genealogy group message – This is group message that will receive your entire team, your PSA, CSA and entire downile.

You don’t have to do all three tasks, you can chose one, and each week send one email to a group of your team that you chose.

 Member TConnect Page

This is simple task. Here you have to only review your TConnect page in order to get points. Do this once a week.

Stream Post

This task you have to do three times a week in order to get three points weekly. You can chose the best tip from your TO DO LIST, you can chose some quotes from other websites you like to share with your team, or write what ever you need to tell them in short.

Like Daily  Tasks, you shouldn’t miss your Weekly  Tasks too. It is important for you to do them each week.


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