The easiest way to BTL rank

As you know, our goal each month is to collect enough points to be qualify for commission. Most of us want to invest less to have bigger profit. I hope you will be able to follow my instructions and to benefit from my post.

Either you want to accomplish EA rank or higher, we should collect FREE Versa Points to avoid investments as much as we can.

1. First step each month 

First day of the month we will pay attention on MONTHLY TASKS, that you can find on TO DO tab on HOME  SFI page.

In first 10 days you should complete these tasks, to get points and to finish with this part of the job.

This will bring you 20 FREE VP.

Second thing, buy 125TC Pack to become Buster Club member which will bring you extra 100 FREE VP + 1500  SALES VP .

Since we need 1500 sales points for BTL, and higher ranks this is the more profitable way to invest.

With this investment we get 125TC which can be used on auctions, but more important for SFI members, for this amount on TCs we will get 1250 RT, which we will use later to get more VP.

Save with Auto-Delivery to pay less for this pack of TC.

2. Second Step each month

Take a look at weekly actions, 4 weeks monthly x 10 points = 40 FREE VP, and 4 weeks monthly x 3 points = 12 FREE VP.

3. Third step each month

All these tabs must be green each day. Red tab means you didn’t finish some of your daily tasks.

Most of these tabs will become green after you click on the bottom of the page on ”I have review this page” button.

What is important here! Two of these tabs EZ and PB require 1 TC each in order to get points. So if you took my advice and bought 125TC pack on time, you will be able to earn 12 VP and 20RT. If you just buy TC, spend them on auctions, you will only earn 10RT per 1TC, but like this instead of 10 points daily, you will earn 12 points + 20RT daily which is  360 VP + 600RT. 

For this task you will spend 60TC from your 125TC pack.

Of course I wont count this time extra points you can get, or RT you will get from your members, since I can’t know how much extra points each member can earn in different ways through games, prices etc.

Since we did all job, collected all FREE points we could, lets see the math.


BUSTER CLUB = 100 VP + 1500 VP

WEEKLY =   40 VP + 12 VP

DAILY = 360 VP + 600 RT

All together is 2032 VP 

Look at this picture, it says if we have EA rank or higher we will get points from our member who are too on EA rank or higher.

Since we have bought 125TC pack which brought us 1500 VP, we have our EA rank, so we can get points from our PSA. 

Depending on this number we will calculate further. I will do my calculation like I don’t have any EA member nor points from PSA.

So, till now with all these tasks, we have collected 2032 Versa Points. Now we have 600 Rewardical tokens + 65 TC. (125-60 for daily actions we have spent)

Over here you can see that 100 Versa Points we can get for 300 Rewardicals. We have collected 600 RT by doing our daily tasks.

If you feel easier, you can go and exchange your 600RT in order to get 200 vp more. I will do that here.

Right now I have 2232 Versa Points, 65 TC and no RT.

We need now 768 VP more in order to be BTL. Now go to some auction, spend 60 TC, for each bid you will get 10RT which is 600 RT.

Exchange those RT for Versa Points again.  600RT = 200VP.

Right now I have 2232 vp + 200 vp = 2432 VP, 5 TC and no RT. 

If we had 500 points from members on EA rank, or less members on higher rank, we wouldn’t have to invest. But since we don’t have them, we must extra invest. The best option is to buy 1TC pack which will bring us 102 VP each. 

In my case now with no active members, we will have to buy 6 packs of 1TC pack, that is 612 VP more.

Now we have 2432 vp + 612 vp = 3044 vp , 5TC and no RT.  This is my BTL.

I have  44 vp more then I need so I could save a bit RT but never mind.

For this BTL without a team I have spent 36,25$ + 11,94$ = 48,19$

Once again I will say, if you have few PSA you will spend less, my math is in case you are without any team member.

I don’t recommend to go to a STL, GTL… or higher if you don’t have team and don’t want to invest more.

But EA I recommend to all, in each case, since with free points and few 1TC packs you can easily collect 1500 points monthly.

In short, do your monthly, weekly and daily tasks, buy 125TC pack, become EA to collect points from your PSA, exchange TC to RT on auctions, buy VP with RT, and for more points buy 1TC packs as needed.



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