How To Earn Money

Simple Plan on How To Earn Money

I did a simple calculation on how to earn money which I feel like I should share with everyone.

Let’s say you are serious about this business and want to earn serious money, so in average can enroll 1 member per day. That should not be a hard task, if use training materials provided by SFI on you would learn how to work, sponsor new members and earn money… Or go for S-builder / PSA To Go / some ECA store or outsource any other way you find suitable for you.

People share with others some statistics like % of new PSA who are active. Some say their are just 1%, others claim they manage to activate 10%. I personally saw with my own eyes ( in my Gen report ) a person who was a TOP Enroller and managed to activate more than 50% !!! You can bet he is earning a lot of money :). I will take, for a purpose to explain my point, that it is just 3.3% ( 1/30 ). In other words, if sponsor 1 new member per day, 30 people every month, and you manage to activate just 1 of that 30. So you would end the first month with a *team* of 2 people: you and one new active member.

What will happen next month if you two, you and that new active PSA, stick with your team building efforts the same way? You would keep sponsoring 1  member every day. For the whole month that is 30 people enrolled by you. As we said, if 29 drop out, and just 1 stay active, sharing the same vision with you, you will personally get 1 more NEW active PSA in the second month. In Total, at the end of the second month, you have just 2 active PSA ( and 58 inactive ). You trained / helped that active PSA from the previous month to do the same. He agreed to enroll 1 new PSA per day, just like you. He will finish the second month with his 30 PSA, 29 inactive, and 1 active. So, at the end of the second month you have a team of 4 active people ( and 87 inactive ): you, your 1 active PSA from a previous month, your 1 new active PSA, and “1 new active member of your PSA” your GEN2.

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If you extend this, you will finish the third month with a team of 8 active people ( and 172 inactive ).

In the beginning it looks like you are going very slow and not going to earn money, all of you invest a lot of time/money w/o getting back too much. But let us extend this further:

Month 1 – You sponsor 1 person – Total active members in the business – 2 ( you and your 1 active member )
Month 2 – Everyone sponsors – Total active : 4
Month 3 – Everyone sponsors – Total active : 8
Month 4 – Everyone sponsors – Total active : 16
Month 5 – Everyone sponsors – Total active: 32
Month 6 – Everyone sponsors – Total active: 64

Now here is the awesome part and where exponential growth starts to kick in. If you were to keep up that same pace of sponsoring just 1 person a month, teaching everyone in the team to do the same, over the course of a year you would have grown an team of over 4000 active members. Here’s what the numbers would like on that:

Month 7 – Total 128
Month 8 – Total 256
Month 9– 512
Month 10 – 1024
Month 11 – 2048
Month 12 – 4096

Some will become Team Leaders, while others will keep EA rank, and 1500 VP/mo minimum. Let us take the minimum and convert this number into money – commissions! 1500 Matching VP have a variable money value, but we can take that it is $0.60 ( 60 cents ) . Here is the income just from Matching Shares and money you can earn:

Month 1 – 2 X $0.60 = $1.20 – are you disappointed? Wait until the end!
Month 2 – 4 X $0.60 = $2.40
Month 3 – 8 X $0.60 = $4.80 – still disappointed? Read further!
Month 4 – 16 X $0.60 = $9.60
Month 5 – 32 X $0.60 = $19.20
Month 6 – 64 X $0.60 = $38.40 – this will finally cover SO of 125 TCredits
Month 7 – 128 X $0.60 = $76.80
Month 8 – 256 X $0.60 = $153.60
Month 9– 512 X $0.60 = $307.20 – not bad, not bad, keep rocking!
Month 10 – 1024 X $0.60 = $614.40
Month 11 – 2048 X $0.60 = $1228.80
Month 12 – 4096 X $0.60 = $2457.60I think now you have nothing to complain on

So this much you can earn with this simple one member plan!

Do you know what is the best part? The best part is this: there is also month 13, month 14 , month 15 …  That is exactly the reason why this kind of business is a better choice than to have a 9-5 J*O*B, there your money is called “salary” and is limited for a 40 years with a very small rise, leaving you with 1/2 or lower after you *retire*

If this is true, why not everyone doing that? There are many reasons for that! Main reason is: they don’t see that that way – you should tell them! School, television, newspapers, parents, friends, neighbors… they mainly talk about “finding a descent J*O*B” because they are VICTIMS of that SCAMS who limit people’s minds thus limiting their potential income, and joy in life.

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Everyone has ability to follow this simple plan on how to earn. Even w/o much money to do paid advertising, you can advertise on so many FREE ways. Time consuming, but it will not take you 40 years to retire on 1/2 of your usual income. It might take you more than 1 year, maybe 2, 3 or even 4, but once you *retire*as a Diamond Team Leader, you will earn so much more money than before!

The Power of ONE can give you everything you wish if you understand it, stick with it, and explain to others how it works.

Wrote: Boris Janevski

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