What to learn first?

When you start some business, first thing you should know is what not to do to avoid trouble by sending spam or unsolicited bulk e-mail. There are so many definition of spam but usually you can avoid it by using your common sense.

In short let’s say spam is unwanted email or message with the same content sent and wrote for many persons at once. For example, if you write some info about your opportunity and send it to your email contact without their permission it calls spam, but if somebody asks you to send info, give you approval in any way ( subscribe to your email list, follow your blog,… ) you can send your opportunity.

Every person who receives messages or emails from you must always have unsubscribe option. Like this you give ability to receiver to decide does he want or not to receive your messages. Nobody likes spam, so don’t use it.

For example, I have registered on Linkedin, so it is my permission for them to send me emails, but as you can see on the picture above, I have opt in form if I want to try premium or I have on the bottom unsubscribe option if I don’t want to receive emails from Linkedin.

Never send email without clear ‘’opt in’’ and ‘’opt out’’ form. Never give false information, and do not mislead anyone ever.

Let’s talk about traffic

The most popular websites today are search engines.

So if you want to be listed in search engines you must have website.

What is important for your website? First of all you must understand how people think when using search engines.


Put yourself in the position of the persons you want to recruit, think the way they would think. To be a successful in this business you must think about how people use search engines and internet in general.


On your website you must offer value and ‘’easy to use’’ or flow. If your site has no value users will leave your site and will never come back.

So create interesting site where will be easy to navigate.


Once you have created your website with valuable content, you need to get traffic to your website, which can be free, paid or exchanged.


We will discuss as many methods of advertising as we can in further posts.

So when you understand how people think on the internet, how traffic works you will be able to be really successful internet marketing entrepreneur.

For your first step on this road, before buying personal domains and hosting,  I suggest you to learn creating blogs on blogger.com or wordpress.com. When you become good user of these two platforms you can start really seriously with this program or any other earning system.

Later we will discuss what hosting to buy, what kind of sites you should have, how to advertise, and a lot more.

So go to Blogger or WordPress and start learning about these two platforms, go through all options, try them all, customize blogs, write posts, try to put banners, like this you will become familiar to all tricks for better traffic, recruiting or even sales.

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